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Boiler modification

Shanghai industrial boilers can be retrofitted by assembling a Seiko retrofitting team, which can be customized according to customer requirements according to local conditions.

With the continuous improvement of national energy policy and environmental protection requirements, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Industrial Boiler (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. have carried out in-depth research and development on the transformation of coal-fired boilers.


  • High parameter transformation

    For example, the secondary high pressure (5.3MPa) is changed to high pressure (9.8MPa).

  • Coal to gas reform

    For example, a circulating fluidized bed/pulverized coal fired boiler is converted into a natural gas or industrial waste gas boiler.

  • Environmentally friendly low nitrogen transformation

    The FCB coal-fired boiler will be retrofitted with a low-nitrogen combustion system. After the modification, the original NOx emission concentration can be reduced to 100-150 mg/Nm3. After denitrification with SNCR, the NOx emission concentration can be satisfied to be lower than 50mg/Nm3. Emission standard requirements.

  • Expansion and transformation

    For example, a 35t/h boiler is expanded to a 50t/h boiler.

  • Combustion efficiency transformation

    For example, the inefficient chain furnace grate boiler is transformed into a highly efficient and efficient pulverized coal boiler.

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